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Standale DDA Owners / Operators: Your DDA officials initiated a downtown parking study on 2-21-17. An essential part of the study involves surveys of business owners / operators, employees and customers. Please post this survey flyer (download flyer) where your employees and customers can access the QR codes below. A smartphone app can read the code. Survey takers will be linked to the digital form of the survey on the internet. Survey responses will be tabulated and reported at a public meeting. Those without a QR code reader can access the online surveys using the following links: 

DDA Business Owner / Operator Survey

DDA Employee Survey 

Customer Survey 

Please consider contacting Frank Wash at the City of Walker at to be added to the email update / reporting list for the DDA parking study. Thank you for your partnership and cooperation.

Mayor Mark Huizenga, Walker City Commissioners & the Standale Downtown Development Authority